Thanksgiving Activities Your Kids Will Love

Thanksgiving should be a day to reflect and spend time with family and friends . It should not be a day of stressful cooking and shopping but a fun family affair. Forget about stress and make Thanksgiving a whole lot more fun with these fun and educational Thanksgiving activities for kids.

1. Mini Pumpkin Hunt

thanksgiving activities

Kids are sure to enjoy this Mini pumpkin hunt game. It is very easy to set up – just hide as many mini pumpkins as you like  around the yard or house. Give each kid a bag and let them loose.

Here a are some variations on the classic pumpkin hunt (via Crystal and Co)

  • Decorating a bag before going to hunt
  • Using real pumpkins and coloring them before
  • Having the one kid hide the pumpkins for everyone
  • Putting a dab of color under the pumpkins and have the kids only find a certain color
  • Have a race to see who can find a certain amount of pumpkins the fastest

2. Thanksgiving Feast Pretend Play

Thanksgiving activitiesSet up a pretend play area that features a grocery store and Thanksgiving feast area. Let them “shop” for the food for the feast and use a fancy table to have a Thanksgiving feast with their friends! What a fun idea! Visit Toddler Approved for the full tutorial.

3. Turkey Basting Bath Time

thanksgiving activities

This is yet another fun and educational Thanksgiving activity for your kids. All you have to do is to write a secret message onto foam turkey shapes, dab some paint on to cover the letter and stuck it onto the wall above the tub. Let your kids uncover each letter and depending on their age, help them as needed to form the secret message. What a fun idea! Visit In Lieu of Preschool to see full tutorial.

4. Showing gratitude
thanksgiving activities
At the end of the day, let’s not forget what Thanksgiving is all about. Encourage your kids to say “thank you” verbally or in the form of a card. Teach them the attitude of gratitude while they are young so that when they grow up, this habit come to them automatically.



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