Inspiration: Make Some Glitter Easter Eggs

A touch of glitter can make everything better, won’t you agree? Even to the not-so fans of sparkly stuff, glitters can be fun and fashionable too. And since Easter is coming up, let’s make use of that magical glitters to create lovely glittered eggs! Glitter Easter eggs are easy and fun to make, and these pretty eggs are sure to be a big hit with kids and grownups! Follow the steps below and create your own glitter Easter eggs in no time!


Photo Source: The Girl Inspired

1. Blow out the eggs

Using a large needle (or any poking device you have at home) and a small hammer, carefully poke a hole in each end of the egg. Blow air into the egg to remove the contents. Rinse the eggshells and let them dry.


Photo Source: WikiHow

2. Decorate

Here comes the fun part – decorate the blown-out eggs with dyes and glitters! With a sprinkle of creativity, you  can make the prettiest glitter eggs that will wow your guests.

Here are some inspirations you can use to create your own glitter Easter eggs:


Photo Source: A Pumpkin and a Princess



Photo Source: Cathie Filian



Photo Source: Oh So Savvy Mom


Photo Source: Martha Stewart

glitter eggs

Photo Source: Capadia Design


Photo Source: Crafty Corner

3. Display

Lastly, place the glittered eggs on glass candlesticks  or a pretty basket for an elegant table display!


Photo Source: Martha Stewart


Photo Source: Oh So Savvy Mom


Photo Source: The Girl Inspired



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