Fun Mom-Daughter Date Ideas

mom-daughter date ideas

As moms to wonderful yet demanding children, it’s so easy to get caught up with all the demands of being a mom. We often let exhaustion and stress take over us without realizing that it is as stressful for our children as it is for us.

In nature, children have a strong desire to belong. They seek care and attention which are often a lot more difficult to provide if you are working (at home or at the office) or if you have a new baby. One way to deal with attention-seeking kids? I am certainly not an expert in this area, but time and experience made me realize that spending special time alone with each of your kids is crucial if you don’t want them to feel left out. Taking each of them to a date would be a memorable experience your kids (and you) will treasure for a lifetime.

It doesn’t have to cost much time and money. Just a fraction of your time,  a little creativity and you can make a big impact to their lives. Here are fun, engaging and memorable mom-daughter date ideas

1. Movie night

2. Baking or cooking

3. Picnic at the park

4. Spa/Salon day

5. Reading a book or visiting a Library

6. Craft activities

7. Dinner or lunch date

8. Zoo or museum

9. Shopping

10.Park play date

11. Play or ballet

12. Evening walk or Stargazing

13. Scrapbook

14. Family stories

15. Sport



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