DIY Personalized Clock Hands

DIY Personalized Clock HandsI saw this DIY project on Pinterest today and I think this is too cute not to share. This brilliant idea gives a fun twist to the usual personalized wall clocks: instead of customizing the face of the clock, try customizing the hands. This personalized clock with photo hands is cheap and easy to make and makes a great gift as well!

Here is the list of materials you will need to create your own personalized clock hands:

  • 9 inch wall clock
  • Glue
  • Screw driver
  • scissors
  • clock battery
  • Digital camera

After you have gathered materials, follow these easy steps:

1. Using your screwdriver, separate the front off the clock to the base. Remember to put  the screws where you can find them again. Measure the size of the clock hands.

2. Get a digital camera or any camera you want to use. Take a photo of your subject, your kid, your spouse or whoever you want, making sure to capture your subject from feet to finger tip. Ideally, the pose should be like this:

DIY Personalized Clock Hands

Photo source: Instructables

You can play around with different poses and facial expressions.

DIY Personalized Clock Hands

Photo source: YouTube

2. Edit picture. Using your desired photo editing tool, resize the image to fit the dimension of your clock hands. Print on a sheet of paper and then cut out the picture.

2.  Cut the picture in half, preferably at the waist. Apply glue to both hands of the clock. Using hot glue is not recommended as it causes problems to the movement of the clock hands. Attach both halves of the picture to the clock hands.

3. Place the battery into the battery compartment, and screw the clock back together. Enjoy your masterpiece!

This could be a fun way to teach kids to tell time!

DIY Personalized Clock Hands

Photo source: Paging Fun Mums

For a more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out these posts:

Or watch this video:



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