Tangled Earphone Problem? Try This Brilliant DIY Idea [VIDEO]

DIY Earphone HolderDo you always carry your earphones with you? If you do, chances are, you know these problems too well:

1) earphones get lost in your bag, always

2) when you found them, they are a tangled mess – no matter how neatly you put them inside your bag or purse beforehand.

This DIY earphone holder is the ultimate solution to those problems! Upcycle old mint containers into earphone holders, use  a bit of creativity to decorate the containers, and voila- never worry about tangled earphone again! This DIY project is so easy and inexpensive, and the result is super cute!

Thanks to the amazing mom behind the blog Make It & Love It for sharing this clever DIY earphone holder idea.


To create your own earphone holder from an old mint container, follow these easy steps:

1.  Gather up old mint containers.

2. Remove original labels from the mint container

3. Drill two holes for the split ring.

4. Slip the key chain ring into the holes.

5. You can leave it plain or decorate your earphone holder using fabric or anything you want to decorate it with (washi tape, stickers, scrap book paper, etc.)

6. Enjoy!

With this clever earphone holder, you always know where to find your earphones the next time you need them, and they are always tangle-free! This DIY storage idea can also be used as coin cases, earring storage or for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Watch this quick video to see step by step instructions on how to make your own earphone holder. Don’t forget to share with us your finished project!

Do you have other DIY earphone storage solution you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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