“Will Short Hair Suit Me?” Find Out With This Test

short hair testWe know exactly how hair can make or break a person’s look. One bad haircut and your look can be ruined for the next couple of weeks. If you are looking for a new hairstyle and have been thinking of trying out a short hairstyle, consider the 2.25 inch rule before making the cut.

No matter what shape of face you have, this magic measurement, which was discovered by hair expert John Frieda, will indicate whether a short or long hair will be a flattering choice for you. Take this test to help you determine whether or not short hair will look good on you. All you need is a ruler and a pencil.

1. Grab a pencil and hold it in a horizontal position under your chin. Now get hold of a ruler and place it vertically under your ear.

2. Take the measurement from your ear to the pencil. If you get a measurement of less than 2.25 inches, going short is your best bet. If it’s more than 2.25 inches, keeping your hair long is the way to go.


Photo source: ELLE

This test is only a way to know if a short haircut will suit you, but remember that you can still look gorgeous in whatever hairstyle you choose. You just have to rock any hairstyle with confidence and you can look great no matter what hairstyle or outfit you wear. So go ahead, get the haircut you want and be awesome!

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