Fun and Cute DIY Projects To Make Using Elastic

Elastics have long become a staple for crafty ladies who want to save money on hair accessories and other stuff. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and they are cheap and versatile. If you haven’t made it a part of your DIY kit, you are missing out! Check out these list of DIY projects to make using elastic

1. DIY No- sew Elastic Bookmark

Reading books are fun, why  use boring bookmarks? Here is a cute and practical bookmark to make using elastic, and you are sure to love the result! Unlike other bookmarks, this elastic bookmark is guaranteed not to fall out, and you can customize it to your taste and style. Put a quote, poem, a photo, or anything you want onto it, and you will have a nice bookmark to accompany you when you read.

diy elastic bookmark

Photo Source: Dear Handmade Life

2. DIY No-tie Elastic Shoelace

If you haven’t discovered the pure genius of Elastic shoelaces yet, you have to check this out. This great idea will make your life a lot easier especially if you have a toddler who has difficulty tying shoe laces.  HERE‘s how you can turn your lace-up shoes, into slip-on shoes with the use of elastic.

DIY Elastic Shoelaces

Photo Source: The Ribbon Retreat

3. DIY Elastic Hair Ties and Hair Tie Favors

What little girl doesn’t love pretty elastic hair ties! Elastic Knotted Hair Ties look adorable (as hair ties or on your wrist) and are perfect for little girl’s hair as they are known to be gentle on hair.

Diy Elastic hair ties

Elastic Hair ties also make awesome DIY party favors. HERE‘s a helpful tutorial on how to make elastic hair ties and Hair tie favors with free printables.

diy hair tie party favor


Photo Source: Something Turquoise

4. DIY Elastic Bracelet

Elastics and beads, yep that’s all you need to create this cheap and charming elastic bracelet.

DIY projects to make using elastic bracelet

Source: Love Bug Living



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