DIY Fashion Idea: Turn an oversized skirt into a no-sew dress

Do you have a oversize skirt tucked away somewhere in your closet? It is time to drag it out and refashion it into a chic dress you will actually wear!

But I can’t sew. At all.

I heard you. If you want to give an old skirt a new life but you think you can’t sew, this DIY fashion idea from Kier Couture will save you time and headache. It’s super easy and turns out really pretty!

DIY fashion idea

To refashion an oversized skirt into a dress, follow these easy steps:

1. Bring out any long skirt, old or new, used or unused.

2. Cut the waistband off the skirt.

3. Use a tank top or a sports bra that fits you perfectly, as a guide for the sleeve placement. Cut triangles off two corners.

Remember to make the straps long enough so that you can tie them together.

4. Cut out the neck and back opening to the desired shape.

5. Bring the sleeve straps together and double-knot them. Adjust for comfort.

6. Wear loose as a beach cover or use any belt of your choice.

If you know how to sew, you can also try these easy DIY projects:


DIY fashion idea

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DIY fashion idea



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