20 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls

Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Styling your little girl’s hair should be fun. Here are cute hairstyle ideas you should try for your little girl.

1. Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle from Disney’s FROZEN

cute girl hairstyles

What little girl doesn’t love Elsa? Prettyhairisfun.com shares this tutorial on how to do this trendy Elsa hairstyle. This hairstyle is so cute and simple to do, I am sure your little Elsa wouldn’t want to let it go! Watch video tutorial here.

2. Toddler ‘Hair Bows’


If your little one is still a toddler, here is a hairstyle that will look really cute on her! All you need are a spray bottle with water, hairspray, a comb and 6 small hair ties.

3. Heart Hair

heartThis hairstyle is perfect for valentines day, but valentine or not, I believe little girls will love this. Get instructions here.

4. Loopy Looking Bun


This adorable hairstyle seems complicated at first, but once you learn how it’s done, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. Learn how to do it here.

5. Princess Pentagon

Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Learn how to do Princess Pentagon hairstyle here.

6. Easy Side Braid

Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Just a nice and easy hairstyle for those hectic days. Learn how to do this hairstyle here.

7. Triple Chevron Style

2If you have read our previous post, you’ll know how much we love Chevron. Whether you share our love for anything Chevron, or not, you must try this hairstyle on your little girl. This will look amazing on everyone but will work best for girls with medium to long hair. Learn how to do this hairstyle here.

8. Knotted Pullback

knottedLearn how to do this hairstyle here.

9. Stripe Ponytail Braided Hairstyle

stripeLearn how to do this hairstyle here

10. Ponytails and Braids

ponybraidLearn how to do this hairstyle here


11. Knot Head

knot head

Here is another hairstyle to try for little girls with short hair. Learn how to do this hairstyle here.

12. Kirsten Larson

Abigail-hair-collageLearn how to do this hairstyle here.

13.  Twisted crown / ballerina bun

twisted-ballerina-bun-for-girls-630x461So much cuteness! Learn how to do the twisted ballerina bun here.

14. Twist Braid and Stuffed Buns

twistDoesn’t this hairstyle look so neat and stylish? Learn how to do this hairstyle here

15. Bun – Hawk


Here is yet another adorable hairstyle for a toddler. Learn how to do this hairstyle here.

16. Knot hair do

knothairLearn how to do the knot hairdo here.

17. Vintage Crown of Pin Curls

Vintage Crown of Pin CurlsThis hairstyle is a proof that kids can be classy, too! Learn how to do it here.

18. Rubber Band Wraps & Flipped Braids

rubber1The Rubber Band Wraps and Flipped Braids hairstyle adds variety to the classic braid. Learn how to do it here.

19. Minnie Mouse Hairstyle

minnieThe Minnie mouse hairstyle is a combination of different basic hairstyles. Looks complicated but is not. Give it a try! Learn how to do it here.

20. Butterfly Hairstyle

butterflyYour little girl is sure to get butterflies in her stomach when she sees how cute this hairstyle is! Tutorial here.

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Do you have a cute hairstyle you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below!




  1. All these baby hairstyles are so lovely. I have really liked last one hairstyle. I want to try this on my niece’s hairs but it looks so difficult to make. If you would have given tips that how to make this hairstyle I easily tried this hairstyle.

  2. This has helped me with special ideas. Thanks for sharing it!

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